Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2.322: Quiet day at home

OK - the title doesn't suggest a lot of excitement, and you're not going to get much - but I can give you this view of Exile #3 as a 19th century schoolgirl learning needlework by the window. I actually found her like this - I didn't disturb her at all - I just took two pictures and left her to her sewing.

Also, the weather report. It has been a very windy day after an amazingly windy night. I'm beginning to doubt my confidence about raking being done for the season. Also, I spent some time looking suspiciously at a large branch now hanging from a tree at the corner of the back yard - however, it is further away from the lawn and the swing-set than I initially thought.

And, as if that wasn't enough, a little video empty room - or is it?

My one household achievement was splitting some of our firewood and making a very satisfying fire - the girls had their bedtime story sitting by it when it was at its peak. E5N1 repeatedly asked "What is it doing?" By the end he was answering himself, "Burning wood!". Lesson learned.

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