Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2.314: Déjà écrit?

...or as Morrissey might have sung, "Stop me if you think that you've read this one before!"

For some reason, I feel like I've posted this picture before, but I've checked the posts back to the day I took it and there is no sign of it, so maybe I started writing it then had different inspiration.

I'm slightly spooked however!

Anyway, there are vehicles here (mostly school buses) that have signs warning that they are not permitted (unlike other vehicles) to turn right on red (i.e. make a right turn at a red traffic light after first stopping and giving way to other traffic). One of my ex-pat colleagues has indicated that he wishes he had such a sign to put on the back of his car so that he can ignore this strange (in his eyes) local law.

Well, perhaps he could get one of these.

It seems that this vehicle's driver and/or owner is permitted to make the turns but chooses not to. This is the land of the free after all.


  1. Closer inspection of the photo shows a sign apparently prohibiting a right turn at that particular intersection (left hand side of the van). Does that mean that he still has the choice to exercise his desire not to turn right? When is the land of the free not?


  2. Dad - that's what we ask the kids before we set off on a long car journey.

    A - thanks for noticing that - I was quite pleased with that detail on this picture considering it was taken while driving (even though we were stationary at the time). I suppose he still has the choice to turn right - although more people would share his decision at this intersection than at most others!


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