Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 2.325: Morse irons

Seeing as you did such a nice job with the suggestions for the first four - here are four more.

Please feel free to keep your interpretations coming for both sets in the comments. At some point I'll tell you the official meanings, but for now this is much more fun!

It was something of a struggle to get everyone up and the girls ready for the bus after six days off school. Hoping for more success tomorrow - and it needs to start with me getting to bed very soon.


  1. Top left - Beware, hundreds and thousands on the road

    Top right - Bicycle based maypole dancing practice currently in sessin

    Bottom left - unaccompanied bicycles must not speed

    Bottom right - staggering drunk people this way


  2. I've no idea what these mean, but I do I wonder why there seems to be some over-representation of those "deficient to the tune of one": is it very dangerous near where you live? Should we cross you off our "people-we-might-go-to-visit-one-day " list?

  3. 1. Top left - turn right for Twister and straight ahead for camp dancing and cycling 2. Top right - Yield to the Morecambe and Wise commemorative cycling tour party 3. Bottom Left - Please slow down in order to avoid running over 3 members of the US 4x400m mens relay team 4. Bottom right - Please take care when running on pathways to avoid Minstrels, saw blades and replica models of mountain ranges.


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