Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2.352: Battery failure

At about 2pm today, we managed to get the kids into shoes and coats and out into the garage so that we could go to friends for the afternoon and for dinner. The garage was nearly as far as we got.

The car would not unlock. Not with the remote. Not with the key. Not with the other remote or key. Not with frustrated banging on the door.

Never mind, we thought - we can go in the other car - we now know that we can all squeeze into it. We just need the car seats. Which were locked in the unresponsive car.

I correctly guessed that we had left the interior lights on overnight and drained the battery. However, why the car would not open with the key was a mystery. I could hear the lock cycling, but the handles remained unresponsive until, just as inexplicably, the door unlocked properly and we could get in, push it out of the garage and then use our booster cables to start it from the other car.

We had a very nice time once we finally reached our destination - and the car got us there and back without further problems.

Unlike the car, the batteries in these fridge-magnet gears are going strong despite serious use from E5N1 - if anyone switches them off, he seems to materialise to turn them back on again within seconds and the turning, clicking and dinging starts up again.  Now, what if we left them on overnight...?

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