Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 2.328: Night lights

I dashed home from work a little earlier than normal so that I could join a family outing to the local holiday parade and tree-lighting. We went two years ago to the 'first annual' running of this parade. We missed it last year, but now in its third year, it has become quite a large event.

We saw fire trucks with and without holiday lights, marching bands, various local groups. Many of them threw candy to the kids - a few threw verging-on-violent handfuls at the kids.

We ran into some friends (looking slightly ghostly perhaps):

You can see a few more pictures here.

On the way, Exile #3 walked and the younger ones rode in the wagon. On the way home, we briefly used this configuration:

...and then Exile #4 decided (probably wisely) that she would prefer to walk the rest of the way.

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