Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 2.342: "Show us yer work"

It was show-of-work day (and the last day before the winter break) for the girls. The day started with the 'Peace Assembly' in which all the kids were on stage grade-by-grade (ages 3 to 14) to sing and most of them actually sang - no mean achievement.

Here is one peace piece of work from each of the girls.

"I the river" by Exile #3
I the river am gentle
I the river am rapid
I the river am beautiful
I the river flow down to the sea
I the river am packed with boats
I the river am full of bridges
I the river am lucky to be a river

"What peace means to me" by Exile #4
Being very quiet and being helpful to people.

Afterwards, I had a short time at work and then on to our "Holiday party" which comprised a very nice meal followed by mildly inebriated games of pool. Very satisfactory.

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