Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2.341: Climate change

It's amazing how you get accustomed to the changing weather. Back on Day 2.327, we were all starting to get dressed up in our winter clothes to go out to wait for the bus. However, I know that it was above freezing (because the kids splashed around in a puddle) and got much warmer during the day (because E5N1 was disappointed that the puddle had gone later on).

Today has been really cold - with wind-chill-adjusted temperatures around 0 °F (-18 °C), but we were out waiting for the bus dressed pretty much the same as this. Although I may have closed the door a bit faster when I went back inside.

P.S. I just noticed the minor clerical error with the last 12 posts. I've corrected it now - did anyone notice?

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