Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3.031: Have a tar-day tonight?

The day started as it meant to go on - snow free (well we did get a coating, but disappointingly little once again). However, that did mean that the girls could try out their cycling skills on this excellent road-system that Exile #2 made for E5N1 to drive his car around on the tarmac of the drive yesterday.

This evening Exile #2 and I went out for what is known as a 'date-night' here. Friends came to baby-sit for our three babies (well, you know, they still seem like babies when they're sleeping) and we went to see Avatar in digital 3D. Despite seeing many issues with shallow characterisation and derivative story lines, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was good, the effects were stunning (including very delicately-handled 3D) and the characters were surprisingly easy to like and identify with. Frankly, I could not see how computer-generated characters in a computer-generated landscape could seem like anything other than a video game or a cartoon, but it was totally engaging and believable (well, not actually believable, but hopefully you know what I mean).

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