Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 3.033: Snow play (sly comb)

Knowing that we were going to have snow on Wednesday, we planned another Friday skiing trip for today.  Of course in the end we had less than an inch and since that was the third or fourth storm in a row that has either missed us or dropped a load of warm snow-melting rain on us, the snow conditions are not ideal.  So, we decided to head a little further-afield to find better snow conditions.

Lapland Lake is about one and half hours drive away and is surprisingly well stocked with snow at the moment - although there was very little in evidence for most of the drive there.

We had a great day.  I discovered that it is quite hard to take self-timer pictures when combining skis, poles and gloves.

We also found out that as well as a lot of trails (all open at the moment) including a good mix of very easy, easy-but-fun and fun-yikes-terrifying trails (we didn't even consider the black "most difficult" ones), they have other amenities.

Furry pets.
Somewhere to relax:
With a view of the river:

And of course smiling faces around every turn:

I felt the need to push myself (hence the fun-yikes-terrifying trail experiences) and have the bruises to prove it.  I did have some very satisfying descents that didn't end in a heap on the ground, but quite a few that did - well, it's better than landing in a stream or hitting a tree.

It was nice to get back here - we've been relaxing in front of a fire and watching the UK sitcom 'Outnumbered' on DVD this evening. Hair-untangling (surreptitious or not) hasn't really been an issue.

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