Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 3.036: Explore! Some more!

Today was Presidents Day which means no school this week for the girls and no work today for me. We went back to Explore! in Glens Falls where we first visited early last summer.

It's a great place with a family feel. There is an entrance-fee of course, but no additional fees for anything so you know where you are. There is a very nice adults-only room with free coffee and lots of comfy chairs and reading matter. There is lots to keep the kids entertained - we were there for about five hours and still had to persuade them to come away with promises of cookies in the car. In summary - we had a great day - but it has now got rather late (thanks to the Winter Olympics coverage finally getting its claws into me this evening), so I will offer this two-minute slideshow and three-minute video to give anyone who is interested a taste of our visit.


  1. Wow - it's hard enough climbing up those triangles-in-squares steps on their own, never mind while videoing!

  2. Я думаю что я сделает все мои комментарии в русском от теперь дальше. Он смутит их.


  3. Andy - the real risk was from the painful and sometimes visible sparks from static coming down the slide!

    A - I have been using Google, but the second sentence came out as "He was embarrassed to." Confused? I was until I tried a different interpreter!


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