Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 99: Sleep, wave your hand

Exiles in New York is feeling flaky today. It could be sleep deprivation. Then again, it was sunny and warm today so maybe the E5N1 has gone to my head. Here he is sleeping off another big meal a couple of days ago.

I visited Exile #3's school today. Parents have been going in to talk about what they do at work. Since the class is mostly boys, I talked about robots (a significant part of my work and sounds cool) and dressed up in a cleanroom suit - there's no place for pride when trying to entertain a group of four and five year olds. I should have seen it coming - they wanted to know why I hadn't brought in a robot to show it working. But less predictable was that when I was asking them why they thought I might have to wear a special suit to visit the room where the robots are one of them said "To make you look like a robot?" Disguise. Cunning. You can never be too careful.

Could it be Pop pun #13? Macho man, sound your horn, ring the bell, kiss, comb your hair, wave your hands, come on wave your hands, ...
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  1. Does anyone really want to admit to knowing this pop pun!!??? I'm pretty sure I don't...


  2. Does E5N1 go for the 'charismatic baby' pose as well?



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