Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 82: Hit and run

Actually Exile #4 (Diego) is rushing to the scene to rescue Exile #3 (Alicia) from this road-traffic accident. This game, burning off the excess calories from tea today was inspired by the switch of programming on Noggin (an advert-free TV channel for pre-schoolers) "Who wants to use their noggin today?"

The girls usually watch Noggin for a little while between getting home from school and eating tea and today, instead of the wonderfully preposterous (don't you mean extremely absurd? - that's what preposterous means!) The Upside Down Show, they showed episodes of Dora the Explorer and its cousinly spin-off Go Diego Go! (for the uninitiated, Alicia is Diego's big sister).

The Upside Down Show might have been more appropriate today as it was 'Topsy Turvy Day" (part of "Silly Week") at Exile #3's school. She is pictured wearing her dress inside- out and back-to-front. Exile #4 was joining the fun (accidentally I think) by wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and Exile #5/Native #1 is joining in by being inside when he/she really should be outside. Ah well, tomorrow is silly hat/hair day. Are you listening in there? Come out and join the fun!

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