Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 93: Once a pun a time

Today my parents returned from their trip, T & S came to visit with their baby (about twice as old as E5N1) and this evening we ate sushi and sashimi (now that Exile #2 is allowed again). Pictured are my father, E5N1 and Exile #3.

I thought I would use this quiet news day to recap the pop puns to date - did you get them all?

1) Day 22: This means nothing to me... (I imagine you all got this)
2) Day 37: Life in a northern town (yes there is a pun there - if you know where to look)
3) Day 45: Yo baby'll solve it (solved by Adrian)
4) Day 54: There's snow beginning (solved by Adrian)
5) Day 58: Climbing up the Ariel
6) Day 64: Do you still (atom) feed me? (solved by Adrian)
7) Day 65: All white now, baby
8) Day 69: Trudging (in stilettos) in the snow (solved by Adrian and Jude)
9) Day 81: Get your motor running (the pun was there, but no prizes for this one)
10) Day 83: So what if I tie my hair (solved anonymously - although I have my suspicions)
11) Day 91: Queen of the mountain (solved by Adrian - what's wrong with the rest of you?)
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