Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 83: So what if I tie my hair?

Here was Exile #3 ready for her school 'Silly hair and hat day' and perhaps prepared to turn suburbia upside down.

The 'mountain' is now the only snow on our plot - and definitely no longer worthy of the name. We are also now beginning to wonder what to do about the pond set into the deck - not just a mini ice-rink but a potential small-child hazard now that the ice has largely melted. As the world comes to life after the winter, deer and a chipmunk have been spotted from the house as well as a variety of birds and our regular squirrel and rabbit visitors - the change has been remarkably quick and if we hadn't seen the weather forecast with freezing temperatures and snow for the week ahead, we would believe after the warm sunshine of today that winter was behind us for this year.

It would appear that Exile #4 is not allergic to her antibiotics, so her rash is unexplained ('non-specific' suddenly seems like an entirely appropriate description).

Pop pun #10 for title watchers. Don't want to go to school?
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  1. Surely Exile #3 would much prefer to be compared with Icelandic Chanteuse and photographer basher, Bjork rather than singer song writer and cable TV presenter Ms Wilcox

  2. That hair looks great! Maybe I should try that once in awhile... :)


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