Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 98: From tiny acorns

After tea today, the girls took themselves to the end of the garden and sat down. This has been something of a habit for Exile #4 whenever she goes out, and since we now have three small chairs thanks to a gift from a neighbour, Exile #3 can now join in.

At his doctors follow-up appointment E5N1 weighed-in at 7lbs 14oz - 10oz more than when he left the hospital a week ago, so I think we can assume he is feeding OK and all our thoughts about how much bigger he seems may be based on reality after all.

I was thinking about speed limits earlier today, I ended up driving out in the countryside near here and passed a sign on a narrow road in very bad disrepair reminding me that the state speed limit is 55 mph - it would have taken a sturdy vehicle and a strong constitution to attempt to break the speed limit there. Those same signs also appear on some 6-lane highways nearby, where to go significantly less than the speed limit would be considered strange and probably antisocial. Now I know that speed limits aren't targets and that we need to take the road conditions into consideration etc. but surely a review might be in order?

The other things that have caught my eye on the roads several times recently are the back-to-front cement mixer trucks - to someone used to seeing them with the opening at the back, they appear to barrelling down the highway backwards - quite a distraction, even at 55 mph.
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