Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 86: In search of fairytale moles

We set off this morning with some enthusiasm to Albany Pine Bush Preserve hoping to have a nice walk and perhaps see some wildlife. We quickly found our route being chosen, not by sights of interest, but by staying out of the wind which felt bitterly cold. Not surprisingly, Exile #4, who doesn't do cold well was soon saying "I want to go ho-o-me" and we did soon turn back. We didn't see much in the way of wildlife, but one thing we did see were surface tunnels dug by burrowing creatures, later found out to most likely be Hairy-tailed Moles.

Later we finally made our long-awaited trip to the hospital, as we walked though the door Exile #2 was joking about being "in denial" and just visiting someone. We were of course. T & S have just had a baby boy a few days early overtaking us. Exile #2 advised against me posting a picture of her holding the one-day-old with the title "It's a Boy!" - probably wise but it would have appealed to my sense of humour. We met some of the hospital staff, "When will be seeing you?" "Soon we hope." etc. It is nice to see that T & S seem to be having a positive experience both for their sake and ours and it was great to meet their baby.

Exile #3 was delighted to see an Eastern Bluebird in the garden today - she has been very excited about the prospect since before one was first sighted here. We now have some bird feeders up, so hopefully we will continue to attract a variety of these new and exciting (to us anyway) visitors.
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