Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day 81: Get your motor running

Here are the young exiles re-enacting the flying bicycle scene from ET (probably). The due date has been and gone and we're still waiting to head out on the highway to the hospital. Maybe we should be cautious about it anyway as all the adults in the house have been playing Project Gotham Racing 3 today. I have an unfair advantage having got some practice in over the last week or so, but it is fair to say that none of us was driving in a way that would be acceptable on public roads. Fortunately my real-life garage is not full of Ferraris and the like, so I am unlikely to mix fantasy and fact.

We spent part of the day doing other indoor rainy-day activities today, playing board games with the girls and building marble runs. It always seems to be the case there are never quite as many marbles at the end as there were at the start. It is the sock-washing of the toy world. Wherever they go I hope they are looking for adventure.

We drove past the hospital on the way home from church today, so I have now at least done the journey (albeit in the 'wrong' direction) - something that I had realised I really should have done before. Now I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

As you can see I am also losing my marbles. PP#9: (let's hope this baby is) wild to be born.
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  1. Nice to see the tablecloth making an appearance - it is missed


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