Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 4.021: Snow flakes (not falling...yet)

It started out as a quiet craft activity in the middle of the day over the weekend making snow-flakes.

Then someone said something which challenged me to make this:

Fun! Then this morning when I saw this:

I naturally thought of taking this:

Yeah well, we can't win them all. It's a macro (close-up) done by holding the lens on the camera backwards. Maybe I'll try again sometime when I'm not rushing off to work.

In any case if photographing snow is my thing I should be in luck as there is a big storm on the way. Check out All Over Albany's preview - it's a classic!


  1. Try freelensing the lens away from the camera -- the right way around -- which is just like mounting extension tubes. A tripod helps. Of course this is from the guy who still hasn't resolved his flaring issues with tubes... yes I want to take 1.3x macro photos, it's just not happening yet.

  2. Thanks - I'll definitely give it another go, although I should really get some extension tubes so I can at least have two hands on the camera.


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