Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 3.361: Can't catch me!

As has become her habit, Exile #2 made our crackers for Christmas Day. She made hats, found jokes amongst a list of 'ten worst cracker jokes' and bought some little gifts. Exile #3's was a rather small toy gingerbread man.

However, it was labelled with the tantalising promise that if placed in water it would swell up to six times its original size.  So, she dropped it in the jug of water.

The girls watched hopefully.  Nothing happened.  We rechecked the instructions.  It turned out the transformation was going to take up to ten days!

And sure enough - here it is ten days later.

It's now drying out and shrinking again - so the slow fun goes on and on.


  1. Whata very counter-cultural, delayed gratification gingerbread man. I'm sure there must be some sermon material in there somewhere...


  2. I love slow fun.

    Happy birthday


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