Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 4.002: Nor'easter

We woke to the first snow-closing of the winter (and to about seven inches of snow on the ground and more falling rapidly).  I shovelled the drive before breakfast, but then decided to wait the snow out at home rather than get out on the road.

The kids all spent some time outside and Exile #2 did the second (of three) stints with the snow shovel.

Exile #4 and E5N1 even decided to go out again as dusk was falling.  There was still a little snow coming down, but it was basically over by then.  Quite pretty though.

I would guess we had a little less than a foot of snow, but it was on top of three inches or so of settled and partially melted snow from the weekend so we have, as the locals would say, a good covering.

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