Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 3.356: A walk in the warm snow

This afternoon, with temperatures rising close to 50°F, we went in search of the northern end of the bike trail along the Hudson that we have often walked along at the Albany end. First we went to Hudson Shores Park - only to find it closed. It was also the wrong place. Thanks to a helpful sign there we found our way to 4th Street in Watervliet where there is a single lane underpass under I-787 and a small parking lot on the trail.

Pictures are here.

We had a nice walk in the melting snow. It is a shame that this section of the trail veers away from the river for a while, making it feel more like a walk along the interstate than along the river, but there are points of interest and by the time it reaches the Troy-Menands (Rt 378) bridge the trail is back along the water's edge and further from the traffic.

When we got back to the parking lot in the fading light, I noticed that the floating ice was moving in strange ways due to the drainage water entering the river from the side just south of the lot. Here is an unintentionally rather antique-looking hand-held time-lapse video of the movements. I like it more than its technical merit deserves!


  1. Hi there,
    Happy New Year to you all. J always takes a shine to these in the local toy shop: shame they seem to cost a fortune over here!

  2. whoops wrong day! N


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