Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 4.015: Cloud houses

Today's guest blogger is E5N1 - he didn't type it but uttered it apparently to himself at the dinner table the other day.

[unintelligible listing of items]...a house on a cloud...I don't know how houses get on clouds...maybe a bird - a big big bird carried a house and a big big cloud is hard and the house goes on that - and that is how the house is on the cloud...

The photo is one of mine - recently scanned from the negative thanks to my Christmas/birthday present from my parents.  Anyone know where we were in September (including the 11th) of 2001 when this was taken?


  1. We were in Canada; were you in Spain? Barcelona?

    Greetings from Cornwall!

  2. Has E5N1 been listening to Les Mis, perhaps?

  3. JROD - if so it wasn't at home!
    Mum & Dad - Cornish greetings to you - and yes...

  4. I found I could pretty much sing that Les Mis song with the lyrics in front of me, not even having thought about it since Uni... Maybe I have been influencing him without knowing it...


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