Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3.363: Forty!

When I was growing up, my desires for a white Christmas were almost always disappointed, but I would fairly regularly have a 'white' Birthday. Today was another one - we had a good six inches during yesterday and overnight.  Fortunately, the snow was basically done by this morning.

The day was spent getting ready for a party this evening. We had a quiz with 40 questions (about the number 40, 1971 and other people turning 40 this year), a cake with 40 M&Ms around the outside (that we never got out in the end) and balloons and the door hangings advertising my landmark.

I'd like to say we had 40 people here - but I think we topped 50. People ate, drank, chatted, played Kinect games (eventually the adults got a look-in), sat by the fire, were thrilled or baffled by my taste in music...

Exile #2 worked incredibly hard to bring it all together and, it turned out, to bring distant friends and family to be part of it through these emailed-and-printed greetings from the UK, New Zealand and elsewhere in the US. So cool.

Thanks to everyone who sent greetings, came to the party, wrote on my facebook wall...and generally gave me a great day today - all thoroughly appreciated!


  1. sorry we couldn't be there in person(s). glad you had a great day and pardeeee. i hope you got one of the people that used to do the school discos in to provide the music. i always think of them when someone talks about Milford Sounds in New Zealand !

  2. Happy birthday! Judging from the photo you have fewer grey hairs than I do, if it's any consolation.

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great celebration!

  4. Thanks all! I seem to be coping OK with this landmark and we had a great time even though I provided my own music!


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