Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3.360: School photos

I'm literally 'mailing this one in' as the blogger interface seems problematic this evening.

When we got the girls' photos back from school (slightly disappointingly we did not know about re-take day!) I decided that it was about time that E5N1 had one too.  Since his preschool is too small to organise such a thing, I decided to take it myself.

Now, I know I had time on my side (and only one child to deal with) - but frankly I'm rather happy with the result.

A asked about the haircut - it was indeed very recent. This is from the day before (this is all back in early December)


  1. very smart! recent haircut for the photo?


  2. Yes - this is all rather ancient history (from Day 3.329) - but the haircut was less than a day old at the time!


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