Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 4.007: Where's a St Bernard when you need one?

Here are the girls dragging E5N1 up the sledding hill at the town park. In the end I had to go and assist them. E5N1 was fine by the way - just finding the slope a bit much for his little legs (this was Saturday lunchtime after our Five Rivers walk).

Here are a couple of movies - one of Exile #3 taking a leaf out of Exile #4's book in terms of song-choice and one of me riding with her down the hill (with shrieking and flying snow - but no singing!)

The kids did some more sledding today - at a surprise party for one of their friends (there was no school for Martin Luther King Jr Day today). It was a nice day for it - if a little cold - there is still plenty of snow and it was a window before the next messy storm comes in tonight.

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