Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 6.151: Cultural feedback

I took the time to visit school this morning to see Exile #4's class cultural fair. Each of them had researched a country, produced a travel brochure and then for today, brought in some related items including a food for everyone to try. They visited each other's tables, then hosted the rest of the third grade and the second grade classes in an hour of happy chaos.

Exile #4 chose to research England - and despite the strangeness of her researching her own place of birth as a foreign country (she wasn't the only one) - she did a really nice job.

She helped Exile #2 make some scones - and displayed them on a nice multi-tiered (cardboard) cake stand, brought in some British coins, a flag, book and postcards and for some of the time had a slightly jet-lagged Englishman sitting at the table - surely going above-and-beyond!

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  1. New business idea: Rent-a-Brit! (Non-jet-lagged is extra $/#.) :-)


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