Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 6.142: Long run, Gyeongsangnam-style

The town I am in, in the province of Gyeongsangnam, is in a fertile valley - renowned for growing fruit and vegetables - surrounded by mountains. Unlike my last weekend here on my own, I shunned the mountaintops for a long run (13 miles) in the valley.

I had a nice view of the mountain I climbed last time reflected in this paddy field.

And later, a nicer view of a paddy field for its own sake:

At the midpoint of my run, I climbed a little up the side of the valley, it was at this point that I wondered at all the agriculture going on in what looked very much like the river's flood-plain.

When I came down again, I was on the concrete roads that crisscross in very straight lines among the poly-tunnels and fields

As I ran along this one, I passed a teenage boy who was walking the other way.  He stared at me like I was the strangest thing he'd ever seen for the whole time it took for me to pass him.  I guess a Caucasian runner with a bright orange top and a hydration belt is not a common sight in these farming communities!

I was slightly surprised to see grain crops growing here.  Is this barley?

As I returned, I went up onto what must be some of the flood defences.  The river is to the right, the main area of fields I ran through is away to the left.  I noticed that there were crops growing on the right too - but much less and with a more make-shift character.  I guess it's just down to the weather on that side.

It seems they may be making a road up there - it's not really clear why.  I had to come back down onto the actual road to pass the area where the road-making machinery was located.  I was amazed to see that apparently even birds are heavy enough to leave their mark in wet concrete!

All in all, it was a pretty nice run, my legs felt good and the conditions were fine (around 60 degrees) and I was back to the hotel in time for breakfast.

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