Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 6.143: Not a good run...

...but it was a great early-morning outing.

I was only due to do five miles on Sunday morning.  Fortunately, with a day at work in store, I left myself plenty of time, because it ended up being a mix of running, trail-running, hiking and site-seeing!

I took the 'stairmaster' route I'd first explored in March

As I passed the river-side restaurants I'd seen on my last visit, I realised that they were now open for business.  The full fish-tanks confirmed it, and a view of the dining room revealed the appeal - they were not open for breakfast however!

After the stairs, I came to this small temple - there are very many of these around the area.  This one has a drawbridge blocking the back stairs and was looking very pretty indeed in the early sunshine.

A little further on, there were more stunning views.

That's when the running started to get a bit derailed. I ended up on some narrow and steep trails and a little uncertain of whether I needed to go back the way I came, or could find a loop. I came to one of the ubiquitous sets of exercise equipment, but this was very extensive and included a small obstacle course:

Above that, at the top, was a viewing platform:

With, as you might expect, some rather good views!

It all took nearly twice as long as a five mile run should, but I think it was quite effective on its own terms!


  1. what amazing views for a run!!!

    1. It may have been my slowest run ever - but yeah it was pretty special!


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