Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 2.238: Indians: some hers, a guy

We spent most of the day at the Iroquois Indian Museum - somewhere we have been planning to visit for some time, most recently at Exile #3's request. As it turns out, we planned our trip exceedingly well - coinciding with the Annual Festival of Iroquois Arts. We enjoyed walking around the museum, but also displays of traditional storytelling, dance, bead threading, native animal rehabilitation, fire making, stone working, art and craft.

When the girls decided to make bracelets out of tiny beads, we correctly concluded that E5N1 would not have the patience for it, so he spent the time walking around investigating other activities. However, when they were actually putting their works on he decided that he really wanted one too, so Exile #2 sat with him to make his own. This activity and watching the dancing were identified by Exile #3 as her favourite parts of the day. I should have some more pictures when I've had chance to take stock of them. Meanwhile, how about a pop pun (number 104 for title watchers): To lose along the way the spark that set the flame, to flicker and to fade on this the longest day.

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