Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 2.248: Accessorized/Accessorised

I find myself occasionally confused over UK vs US English usage and even which spelling to use in various contexts. The girls have no such problems. Choosing which products to spend their pocket money on in this store-of-plenty was a challenge for them however. Your challenge is to find the eleven differences!


  1. Changes at Clares.
    2 possibly 3and4 above blue fluffy bits on left hand end of window ledge shelf. A pink handbag missing from below right,yellow and orange necklaces have multiplied further right. below the missing pink handbag buy 1 get 1, below that multicoloured tube has become 2. Moving right an orange and black tail/leg has lost a stripe and the owl? has lost a face from its middle. that could be 9,10, or 11. Mum

  2. I only intended one change for the 'item' at the top left it's not above anything in fact - can you see what it is?

    So you have that + bag + necklaces + get 1 + tube + tail + face.

    Good work - but only 7 I'm afraid!

    EDIT - I suspect you found 8 in fact, but since you were subtle about it, we'll leave it in the mix...


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