Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2.263: Room for one more?

When we moved into our home here, we wondered how many people we could sit around a table for a sit-down meal. Thanks to an open-plan layout, we thought maybe a lot. Of course, we would need more chairs and more table than we have.

I've mentioned before about my love of large but curiously specific numbers on signs. This was another one - spotted in the Empire State Plaza concourse in Albany - the second picture is the view from the sign's location along the concourse. I think a sit-down meal for 4830 +/- 1 probably takes open-plan to a new level.


  1. It would amuse me greatly, well ok, maybe a little, if the 4831st diner was the extra person who always just turns up at the last minute....

    417 people only wanted dessert and coffee because they had already eaten, 126 people were vegetarian, 98 were vegan, and 17 people were there because they saw the queue and wondered what it was for.


  2. In my experience, even if A is right, the exile would have worked out each person's share of the bill in no time (including tax and gratuity)


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