Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 2.234: Some signs of summer

Here are some signs that caught my eye and were in turn caught by my camera in recent weeks.

At the children's museum on Day 2.217.

At the mall where we had dinner after our trip underground on Day 2.224.

I wonder if anyone did put their child in the bag before this warning was placed there... Here is a little context (not that it really helps!):

And finally one of many similar signs posted around MOMA in NYC taken on Day 2.222. I loved the very precise numbers:

I imagined an official counting 730 in this room (it was about 20 x 15 feet) as we approached and telling us that one of us could go in, but not both as that would be both dangerous and unlawful. It would also be rather cosy and personal-space challenging even in a city full of subway travellers.

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