Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 2.235: Tall, story?

When we had our rather buggy walk at Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve, we discovered this strange-looking building.

The ground floor was completely open apart from the left-hand side which was not much larger than a staircase I would think. In fact, now I think about it - why has it got a small doorway in addition to the large opening - inside it was all one space. Above, there were electricity cables going in (on the far side) and a tall pole with a radio antenna or similar (pictured). Whether the sign on the internal door means that it is some kind of federal facility or just that it is protected by federal law I don't know.

It was weird in a kind of creepy way.

Anyone know what it is? Anyone want to make something up? It's here if you're interested.


  1. Is it some sort of storage loft? For hay, or wheat or something? I'm wondering what the big door is for on the upper floor...

    Also, I thought you might be interested in this technology as a next generation of the 'Exile Cloud / Spin the Exile'? The Exiles blog could become sustainable, by generating truely global knitwear for it's readers and contributors. I recall that Exile 2 has a kniting machine, so it should be easy to set up.


  2. I don't think it was big enough to be any kind of storage - and it still seems to be in use with no signs of any farming activity anywhere close. Thanks for your thoughts though.

    Knit the Exile or perhaps Wear the Exile - I like it!

  3. My husband suggests it is a cell phone tower made to look like something slightly less undesirable? In arizona they make them look like palm trees and saguaros.

  4. The tower is about the right height. We have the so-called 'Frankenpine' nearby which is a cell phone tower disguised (poorly) as a pine tree. However, this one only has one device on it and it looked like a single directional transmitter/receiver.

    Thanks for your contribution. I wish this was one of my quizzes and I knew the answer, but I don't!

  5. Perhaps it's where The Stig lives?



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