Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2.257: When I grow up...

I don't remember wanting to be a train driver when I grew up, although I certainly loved trains. I still would travel by train rather than many other ways given the choice. I don't think I ever wanted to work in engineering or live in America either, although my Dad would probably mention that I showed interest in the idea of management when he told me it was 'getting work done through other people' and that I also had a desire to share my technical knowledge about the art of programming computers fairly early in life. So maybe my future was all mapped out long ago.

Of course some would say I never really did grow up. Some would be referring to my height, some to other things.

E5N1 regularly lines up the kid-sized garden chairs to make a train with the small table at the front and sits in the front chair to drive. Sometimes his sisters are willing passengers. On Monday, Exile #4 made this train for him. It's a sleeper as you may just be able to see. As for me, I'm hoping he'll grow out of wanting to be a train driver and get ambitions for a real job - like being a drummer in a band perhaps, but then again - since I never really grew up - what do I know?

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  1. At the time I thought your enthusiasm for the definition of Management (when you asked me about a course I had been on) was the idea of getting your (home)work done by someone else!
    The programming episode was when we were visiting your big Big Sis at university and I was about to go on a very basic computer course. You were 12 at the most. Having given me some information as walked round you then quizzed me thoroughly on Basic - and useful it was too.


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