Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 2.240: Eighty-four by eight

At soon after 1pm, a valiant subset of our Friday night Rock Band regulars began The Endless Setlist 2 - one of the crowning achievements of Rock Band 2. Taking the original Endless Setlist to a new level, this one has a massive 84 songs back-to-back. We chose to play on 'hard' for everything except drums which we had on 'medium'.

I think it was in the middle of the afternoon when we had done maybe 20 songs that we remembered that we had never made it through a song called 'Visions' and that it was because the guitars were insanely difficult.

We tried to put this out of our minds and continue with the job in hand:

We stopped briefly for some excellent food, cooked by Tammy (you can see her in the background of that photo). It was after 9pm when Visions finally appeared (and I don't mean the effect of too long spent staring at the screen). For a while it seemed like our whole day would come to nothing (like our first attempt at the first Endless Setlist) as we laboured (appropriately enough for today) in vain to try and get our fingers to do what was required. Eventually we had the breakthrough - by this time we were getting quite tired.

The last two songs were tricky but fun and we completed the set at just after 10pm.

In all eight of us played or sung (including Exile #3). We averaged more than 4 out of 5 stars and we had fun, exhausting, insane, noisy fun!


  1. At first I though "how nice, The Exiles are keeping a lttle bit of their UK musical heritage alive by playing Cliff Richard's "Visions"", then I saw this on You Tube

    Never mind ;-)


  2. Love it. I haven't touched my Rock Band drum kit for a number of months. The pounding is a bit too loud for when the little ones are trying to sleep.


  3. Thanks both - A: I hadn't really heard that lovely tune before - I was too busy trying to do all those crazy runs to listen properly - not on Expert though thankfully.

    Thanks Daniel. I'm not sure how we get away with it - maybe we're just bad parents!


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