Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 6.148: Tail's eye view

If I recall correctly, 7 of the 8 international flights I've taken this year so far have been on Airbus A380s. I knew that they had a camera mounted in the tail, but this was the first time that working technology, daylight and good timing have come together to allow me to watch the take-off and landing on it. It's quite a good view.

The landing at JFK today was pretty amazing actually, we came down angled into a significant cross wind and watching the view from the camera I thought it would be a bumpy landing, but I barely felt a thing. I wonder how often I've been oblivious to such skillful piloting in the past.

It was also raining to welcome me back to New York.

It still is, but I am very happy to be home.

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