Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 2.088: Two today twice

E5N1 has had a pair of second birthday celebrations today. The first was in the mid-morning when he opened some presents at my parents house and then had some birthday cupcakes.

We then set out to drive to celebrate the second half of his birthday with his other grandparents. We ran into some more classic UK gridlock.

The kids coped pretty well with the nearly twice-as-long-as-normal journey.

After he opened some more presents, we took E5N1 and his sisters to run off some of their cabin-fever at the local playground. The girls declared the tall spiral slide to be the greatest ever. Not surprisingly, E5N1 wanted to try - so he did!

The day ended with another birthday cake. I think Exile #3 managed a more directional blow than her brother - but you can judge for yourself with this mouse-over.

And the cake was good!

Everyone else enjoyed it too.


  1. Hi there. I know someone in full agreement with the girls and E5N1. We can spend the whole time during our park trips going up and down something exactly like that one!! N

  2. Indeed. I was looking forward to seeing you go down the helterskelter too!!! I can just about manage it but do have to breath in a bit these days...


  3. I'm afraid I took the stairs on the way down too!


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