Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 2.094: History lessons

I remember walking around Oxford with my Dad when I was a student there when he realised that the Second World War was longer before my birth than the First World War was before his. I wonder what similar revelation I might have later in E5N1's life. I'm reading about the inter-war years at the moment in an autobiography of an acquaintance of both Dad's and mine (but completely independently). It is a period I knew very little about.

After we found Dad's old slides a week or so ago and I photographed a couple using my own camera and a battery-powered hand-held slide viewer (this was one of them), he was persuaded to buy a slide scanner to start to digitise his collection (something over 1400 slides plus some of his father's and then maybe some print-film negatives). The scanner arrived at the end of last week, but I helped to get it going today and got some pretty satisfactory results. We've been scanning pictures from 1962 so far - a wonderful glimpse into the past enabled by the technology of today.


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