Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 2.086: Someone else's children

I normally avoid or at least agonise over posting pictures of other people's children, but I have made an exception today. Whether it was the 70's styling, the fake-old dark-border, the fuzzy focus, the just-like-our-three combination of two big sisters and their little brother or something else that convinced me to shelve my principles is for you to work out. If you haven't guessed yet, scrolling down to yesterday's picture might help.

We spent the day 'at home' today, Exile #3 had a relapse during the night last night, but has been much more up-and-about today than she was yesterday. Among other jobs, I went out for a drive under my Dad's supervision (a bit like being 17 again, but otherwise fine) - he's said he'll let me borrow his car under my own recognisance tomorrow, cleared out some gutters - a traditional activity for our transatlantic reunions, and dug out some old slides to find out if my son physically resembles me at his age as much as he reminds everyone of me in terms of his behaviour.


  1. And Martin Parr gets such recognition for his work

  2. It's not one of his, or one of mine - but I did have the opportunity to ask the photographer for permission to use his work.


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