Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 2.095: Rocking, drôle, withal

We had a very nice day with friends in Cambridge today. The five children played very nicely in the garden and at the park (our local one when we lived here). The weather was very kind.

The kids rocked...

And found it very amusing...
Very nice indeed. On the way back, we drove past our house (someone else's home though) and had a chat with the next-door neighbours.

Two puzzles for you today. First a mystery animal - I wasn't quick-fingered enough - are you quick-witted enough?

And secondly, it's the landmark pop pun 100 for title watchers. Hello sunshine, goodbye rain!


  1. Perhaps a fresian jumping over a full moon? (I see no fiddle though.)

    Though until recently wikipedia also had the cat jumping over the moon...

  2. No it is neither cow nor cat - nice tangential guessing though :-)

    Any more guesses - answer coming soon (maybe)!


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