Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 2.103: Edwin Edwina Erika...

...or "TomKat vs Brangelina" or perhaps "The Curious Case of Mr/Ms Salt"

It seems that Tom Cruise is in town. Or maybe Angelina Jolie. Or maybe Brad or Katie? Actually I have no idea if any of them are here, but if any of them is - it would most likely be Ms Jolie. She is the star of a film currently in production called Salt, taking on a slightly-adapted role originally intended for Tom Cruise.

This gender-switching drama seems particularly appropriate for the anniversary of Shakespeare's death. One of my colleagues greeted me, with his heart on his sleeve, informing me that we should try to use as many of his phrases as we could today. I gave him short shrift and sent him packing informing him that that way madness lies.

This is where they will be filming. Apparently this atrocious interchange is a reasonable stunt-double for some rather busier roadways in Washington D.C. Who knew that bridges have stand-ins?

The yellow crane just visible in this shot is probably part of the film-crew's equipment. It would seem that if you want to make movies, you come to Albany...

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