Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 2.081: April Fooling

The girls woke me this morning with this pipe-cleaner 'spider' on the end of a toy fishing-line. "April Fool Daddy!".

The rest of the day was uncomfortably busy. I moved offices at work (across town), dealt with tidying up as many loose-ends as I could and came down with the tummy-bug that has been threatening us all for days. I think I will be over the worst of it before we start our serious travelling tomorrow, but if I can get it today...someone else could come down with it tomorrow. No please!

The day ended with seeing early favourite-of-ours-but-her-time-had-come Megan leave American Idol while signing and enveloping four tax returns just in time to send them off on our last day in the US before the deadline.

1 comment:

  1. "Enveloping" - all-embracing, concealing, encircling, encompassing, enfolding, enwreathing, shrouding, surrounding.

    Personally I've never felt the need to be as intimate with my tax return as is apparently the necessary in the States!

    Have a good flight. Hope to see you soon.



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