Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 2.107: Did it myself (eventually)

Since a couple of you asked, here is my plumbing project - an under-sink filter kit. The main reason for getting it was to provide filtered water for the fridge for making ice as otherwise the ice tastes quite unpleasant.

In fact for the last few days our water even in its liquid form has been smelling and tasting a bit like chlorinated swimming pool water, so we decided to use it for all our cold water in the kitchen. Unfortunately the way the fridge connection had been teed off resulted in the same for me (and quite a few extra connections to make - multiple times).

This morning I got up at dawn to get to the DIY store so that I could try and get this sorted out before taking Exile #4 to school and myself to work. It seems to have been a success.

So far.


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