Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 2.090: In the shallows

It was a rainy day, but to fend off potential attacks of cabin-fever, we ventured out this afternoon to a local farm-shop/garden-centre. Because it's the Easter holidays, they had some special things on including a visit from a touring carousel. Mouse-over (or click) to see E5N1 having his first ride (and the girls sampling their first UK one).

We also went to see some farm animals and the kids played on a rather wet playground for a while. By a small lake we watched an extraordinary battle between ducks and geese crowding close to the viewing platform - hoping that people would ignore the prohibition against feeding them - and...well I'll let you mouse-over (or, better click) once again to see the real ruler of these shallows!

We're also having a nice time with Exile #2's family. Hopefully I'll have a picture of the gathering for you tomorrow.

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