Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 2.089: Signs of character

Exile #2 and I managed to escape for a short walk this afternoon. We passed these two signs. The first is a classic (as in - is that really still funny?) bit of UK graffiti. But since the sign was ridiculous anyway, "Character Offices"?! I think it just adds a little explanation - at least "Toilet Character Offices" means something.

As for the second - it's just a few meters away and seems to be warning traffic of families of invading Ood.

A bit of viral advertising for the new Doctor Who episode screening on Saturday perhaps?

We had a marvellous take-away curry this evening, and I washed mine down with a bottle of Budvar. Two non-British things that after a couple of years abroad seem very British indeed (yes we have found both good curry and good beer in the States, but it's not quite the same).


  1. hey man, just wanted to say that I really like the little signature picture you've been putting at the end of the posts. looks really cool :)


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