Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 2.084: Don't fence us in!

We've been quite pleased to be in a house with what our US friends would call a 'fenced yard' so that E5N1 can be left to roam with limited supervision. It's a big garden with lots of possibilities, but late this afternoon the three older kids (including cousin A) were found at the bottom of the garden looking longingly through the fence at the meadow beyond and hoping for 'an adventure'. Eventually, we settled on me walking them to the park. When I first released them into the meadow, A shouted 'Freedom - at last!'and all three of them ran headlong into the open space.

We had a nice walk and a lot of fun at the playground at the other end of the village.

We also caught up with an old friend - altogether a very satisfactory day.

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