Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 2.109: Current similarity

Second picture from Flickr user nicsax.

In the beginning, back in 2007...
Man I didn't know 'bout the USA 'n' all that jive.
Some folk read the posts, some folk commented too.
No one knew how I was gonna do, but the_exile had the news, I said,

"Let there be light!" and there was light.
"Let there be sound!" and there was sound.
"Let there be words!" there was words.
"Let there be photos!" there was photos, ah
"Let there be blog!"

OK. I realize that some posts have an audience of one - me!


  1. WE SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I am very jealous...I would have loved to go to see Messers Young etc when they were over here but couldn't. All their modern stuff since is just a rehash of the old stuff, but it is just unadulterated rock n' roll!!!

    Exile #3 obviously has the guitar hero stance sorted...


  2. Don't be jealous of me (unless you wanted to be at Exile #3's gig) I have not been sneaking off to AC/DC gigs, just to Flickr!

  3. I feel slightly foolish...1. for being fooled by flickr, and 2. for it now being known across the interwebthing that I am a closet fan of 70's Australian rock bands fronted by a guy in his 50's wearing school uniform ;-)

    I thought I had found a fellow sympathiser, but alas, the search continues...



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