Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 2.211: A tale of two piñatas

Many birthday parties we have attended here have had the ritual violence of the piñata ceremony. A few have been marginally under-supervised resulting in stick waving near to small children's heads. A few have used the non-violent but more small-child friendly ribbon-pulling technique. None of them have made much sense to me. It has always seemed like a lot of waiting around followed by the same feeding frenzy for 'candy'. Much though I enjoyed the ritual destruction of this space shuttle yesterday (it's being retired you know). I wasn't sure that the little US citizens should be destroying it flag and all. No qualms for Exile #3 as you can see.

All that changed today - we were at a Mexican birthday party and the piñata was suddenly a colourful and entertaining spectacle. The song helps.

For those not familiar enough with Spanish to pick out the words here is a translation from Wikipedia:

Hit it, hit it, hit it (or "go, go, go")
Don't lose your aim
Because if you lose it (your aim)
You will lose the way.
You've already hit it once
You've already hit it twice
You've already hit it thrice
And your time is over

And now, my time is over - se acabó!


  1. Wow pinata - never heard of these until I read this, but guess what I saw in Bar Hill Tescos yesterday? It looked remarkably like that in the video! You could get a Pooh bear one too! I was a bit surprised that they weren't a bit soggy after that long swim across the Atlantic! N

  2. From Mexico to Tescos via the commercial soullessness of the American heard it here first folks!

  3. That could equally apply to the People's Republic of Bar Hill itself...



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