Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 2.218: Loyal to the corporation

We completed our journey today venturing near the Myles Standish State Forest. It was about 11 am when we stopped at a small village store and bought the following items:

3 buckets with spades (pails and shovels)
1 bag of hamburger rolls (pre-split)
1 packet of turkey ham
1 tub of spread
1 packet of american cheese slices

The old chap who took my money struck up a conversation - his voice was a bit like a slowed-downn 60+ Agent Smith (The Matrix) turned friendly (just imagine the Miiiisterrrrr Annnnderrrrssunn after each phrase - I did).

"Going to the beach?" - Yes.
"Making sandwiches there?" - Yes!

Seemed like a pretty safe bet, but since the point was to offer us some free sachets of mayonnaise and mustard I'm not complaining. The beach parking lot was full when we arrived, so after a trip around the block, we joined the back of the queue. It took us half an hour or so to reach the front and gain access to Corporation Beach - but we toughed it out.

We all had a good time there. As you can see.

So - do you know where we are (basically at least?) and it's pop pun 103 for title watchers do you know which corporation I had in mind (other than the beach)? Maybe the state forest got me thinking on these lines (unless I dreamed it!). I'm sharpening stones, walking on coals...


  1. What a multi-faceted question! Thanksfuly the confusion isn't enough to make me Lose[ing] My Religion, although I'm not sure what the honerable (!) Senator for Wiconsin would have thought about such things.

    I've been to your locations namesake a few times, oringinally I think named after the river Plym. I recall a large naval dockyard, a lousy cinema and lots of drunk sailors. I also seem to remember it was in Devon, not Massachusetts.

    As for the corporation, I think I have to admit defeat!


  2. A tour-de-force! Did you really fail to work out after all that which corporation I am loyal to? As for our location - we drove a little further than that and are searching in vain for fishy over-garments.

    I corrected my spelling mistake - apologies to the hero of New England!

  3. Doh...Bank of America. Forgot that bit!


  4. For at least a year after we came here I would still find myself singing this song to myself apparently at random, and only later realise it was because I'd driven past (or sometimes thru) a B of A.


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