Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 2.231: Familiar thoughts

Family has been on my mind a lot today. This morning I exchanged messages with my niece who has just received her GCSE results, at lunchtime my parents set off for the airport (and hopefully a not-too-close encounter with what's left of Tropical Storm Danny) and this afternoon we were at a baptism ceremony for some young people in our community.

At the baptism there was a lot of talk of 'joining the family' - an interesting turn of phrase especially as three of the four being baptised were sisters - but that is how our community feels and a much more appropriate phrase for us than 'becoming members of the church'. It has been great to spend time with both Exile #2's and my parents over the summer - and it is also great to be with our friends here. We have family everywhere we look.

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  1. That's sounds like what I'd love out cluster to become, a family rather than a 'church group'. N and I (along with 3 others) have taken over leadership of cluster and whilst the refreshed vision is very exciting, we've now got to the stage of delivering it and communicating our excitment to others.

    It would be good to catch up next time you're back in the UK and compare notes!



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